Public Consultation related to Permit Applications in the UK

GridLink Interconnector Ltd intends to positively engage with the general public, local communities, local businesses and all statutory and non-statutory stakeholders in relation to the development, construction and operation of the GridLink project.

We welcome public consultations related to the development, environmental impact assessment and permitting of the proposed interconnector, and intend to take all comments and recommendations into account in our planning, design and implementation.

This step in the public consultation process in UK comprises stakeholder engagement related to the preparation of the environmental impact assessment and permit application files.

The preparation of the environmental impact assessment and permit application files started in April 2018.  However, it is also necessary that technical surveys, engineering studies and regulatory procedures are completed to support the assessment and permit applications.  These surveys, studies and procedures have been affected by a delay of appropriately 12 months and, therefore, there has been a similar delay to the environmental impact assessment and associated implementation of public consultations.  Hence, GridLink Interconnector Ltd expects to start formal public consultations in mid-2019.

Please find links to the documents related to public consultation in UK below:

In preparation