Prior Consultation in France

GridLink Interconnector Ltd intends to positively engage with the general public, local communities, local businesses and all statutory and non-statutory stakeholders in relation to the development, construction and operation of the GridLink project.

The GridLink project falls under the categories of projects subject to a referral from the National Commission for Public Debate (CNDP) under article R121-2 of the Environment Code, category 4 “Creation of power lines with voltage greater than or equal to 400 kV and of a length greater than 10 km “.

Following the referral, and in accordance with article L121-9 of the same code, the CNDP decided to organize a preliminary consultation under the aegis of a guarantor, Mr. Jérôme Laurent, by decision n ° 2017 / 36 / GRIDLINK / 1 of 26 July 2017.

This preliminary consultation took place from 27 November 2017 to 12 January 2018. It resulted in a report of the guarantor which CNDP approved in its meeting of 7 February 2018. This report can be downloaded in the documents below. During this session of 7 February, the CNDP re-appointed Mr. Jérôme Laurent as guarantor to ensure good information and public participation until the opening of the public inquiry into the project.

GridLink Interconnector Ltd. stresses the value of public consultations related to development, environmental impact assessment and interconnection authorization, and we intend to take into account all comments and recommendations in our planning, design and implementation.

The prior consultation phase was an important first step in the public consultation process in France. It provided input from interested parties on the initial design and planning of the GridLink project, identifying key issues to be considered in the further development of the project and the assessment of the associated environmental impact and define planning for additional public consultations during the development phase

Please find links to the documents related to prior consultation in France below:

  1. French project brochure (FR)
  2. French dossier de concertation (FR)
  3. French diary of public consultations (FR)
  4. French notice of prior consultations (FR)
  5. French flyer for public consultation meetings (FR)
  6. French newspaper notice for public consultation meetings (FR)
  7. Minutes of Loon Plage public meeting (FR)
  8. Minutes of meeting with GPMD Development Board (FR)
  9. Minutes of meeting with environmental representatives (FR)
  10. Minutes of meeting with agricultural representatives (FR)
  11. Minutes of meeting with fishing representatives (FR)
  12. Minutes of Bourbourg public meeting (FR)
  13. Minutes of meeting with Virage Energie (FR)
  14. Contribution to the prior consultation of ADELFA (Assemblée de défense de l’environnement du littoral Flandre-Artois) (FR)
  15. Contribution to the prior consultation of Virage Energie (FR)
  16. Contribution to the prior consultation of Mr Nicolet (FR)
  17. RTE answer to the prior consultation of Mr Nicolet (FR)
  18. Statement of Guarantor for the prior consultations (FR)
  19. Statement of lessons learned (FR)
  20. National Commission for Public Debate decision N° 2017/36/GridLink/1, sitting of 26 July 2017 (FR)
  21. National Commission for Public Debate decision N° 2017/65/GridLink/2, sitting of 8 November 2017 (FR)
  22. National Commission for Public Debate decision N° 2018/13/GridLink/3, sitting of 7 February 2018 (FR)
  23. National Commission for Public Debate decision N° 2018/14/GridLink/4, sitting of 7 February 2018 (FR)
  24. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) (FR)